Top 5 Colourful Lizards Located In Western Ghats

Top 5 Colourful Lizards Located In Western Ghats

Top 5 Colourful Lizards Located In Western Ghats

Western Ghats or the Great Escarpment of India is a biodiversity hotspot and famous for several undiscovered species of fauna and flora. Many endemic reptiles located at The Western Ghats of India are snakes such as Striped coral snake, Malabar pit viper and lizards such as Salea, Ristella, Kaestlea and fresh species of frogs.

  • Chamaeleo zeylanicus (Indian Chameleon)

Indian chameleon is the only species found in India and Sri Lanka with exceptional qualities like able to transform skin color, long tongue, individual eye motion and a prehensile tail.
Chamaeleo zeylanicus alter body color in line with the habitat and diurnal, nocturnal and arboreal, located in Southern Part of India.

  • Calotes versicolor (Changeable Garden Lizard)

Oriental garden lizard is a insectivore which eat mostly insects like grasshoppers, crickets and ants. The varying lizards are linked to iguanas and equipped to maneuver their every eyes in various directions such as chameleon.

  • Sitana ponticeriana (Fan Throated Lizard)

The enthusiast throated lizard is a tiny species of dragon lizard, located mostly on the floor and in open floor patches throughout the Western Ghats. Sitana ponticeriana is your very colourful agamid lizard and famous because of its colourful patagium throughout the breeding period.

  • Draco dussumieri (South Flying Lizard)

The southern flying lizard is found in the mountain forests of Western Ghats and species of dussumieri in southern India. Draco dussumieri flying lizard resides on the trees and equipped to glide to adjacent trees.

  • Salea anamallayana (Anaimalai Spiny Lizard)

Anaimalai spiny lizard mainly found around the Anaimalai Hills and Meghamalai from the Kerala and Tamil Nadu. The arboreal agamid lizards are endemic to the Western Ghats and happens in very substantial hills and Shola forest ecosystems.

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